Assalam o Alaikum

This year during Ramadan we will be hosting community iftars and Taraweeh Jammat at PLEX for following days (April 8th, 16th, 22nd). We will also have a community event on the 27th of Ramadan for Khatmul Quran (The date for that event will be provided at a later date).

These events will be for the whole family and will be segregated. if you are interested in attending any of the event please register on our website under the booking tab (even if you are sponsoring/donating towards the event you still have to register to attend the event). Please only register 1 person’s name and identify the total number of family members that will be attending. 

Registration is for head count purpose so we can order enough food for everyone. The registration will close for each event on the Monday of the week of the event, so we can place the food order in time.

If you are interested in donating towards any of the iftar please etransfer us the amount to PORTELGINMC786@GMAIL.COM and add a note that the amount is for the iftar event.

Finally if we have any excess funds after all the community event are paid for, we will use them towards Musallah’s day to day operation.