515 Goderich Street, Maple Square Mall, Unit 107 & 108,




27th November 2022:

Fajr: 6:45 AM

Zuhr: 2:00 PM

Asr: 4:00 PM

Maghrib: 4:49 pm

Isha: 8:00 PM

Jummah (Fridays):

Jummah: English Bayan 1:45PM Arabic Khutba  2:00PM


EID JAMMAT at PLEX on 9 July 2022

Assalam O Alikum EID Jammat will be held at PLEX 2nd floor the English Bayan will start at 8:40 am Eid Salat will start at 9:00 am Arabic Khutba (mandatory part of EID Jammat) will be follow upon completion of Eid Salat. Please arrive a few minutes earlier and Bring...

EID ul Adha July 9th

Assalam O Alikum There has been confirmed reports of moon sighting in the Caribbean, therefore Eid Ul Adha will be on July 9th (Saturday) Friday July 8th will be Yoom-e-Arafat. Location and timing of the Eid jammat will be announced in the next few days. JazakaAllah...

Moon Sighting and Eid

Assalam O Alikum Like every year JAMIA IMDADIA ( PORT ELGIN ISLAMIC CENTRE)  will continue with the sunnah of moon sighting for the month of shawaal before declaration of EID. FYI: Our Matla is whole north/ south/ east and west coast of America. Sunset in west coast...

Donation to Build Masjid

Assalam O Alikum GoFundMe  Allhamdulillah, With Allah(s.w.t) pleasure, mercy and His help we are able achieve our short term goal of hiring a full time Imam. Currently our Musllah is offering Five daily prayers, Jummah Prayer, Taraweeh Prayer, Eid Prayers and also...

Moon Sighting and Ramadan

Assalam o Alikum In-sha-Allah like every year we will continue following the sunnah way of moonsighting. We will wait for sunset in our MATLA' and wait for all SHAHADAAT before RAMADAN declaration. Our MATLA' is whole North and South America that includes East and...

Ramadan Community Iftar and Taraweeh

Assalam o Alaikum This year during Ramadan we will be hosting community iftars and Taraweeh Jammat at PLEX for following days (April 8th, 16th, 22nd). We will also have a community event on the 27th of Ramadan for Khatmul Quran (The date for that event will be...


Assalam o Alaikum As per Province's announcement yesterday, we are lifting all capacity limit on all the prayers (including Jummah). There will be NO REGISTRATION Required for Jummah Salat going forward. it will be FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. We will check vaccine...


Assalam o Alaikum As announced by the province there will be a 50% capacity limit on all religious services starting Jan 5th 2022. Therefore going forward we will be limited to 20 people per salat. In order to accommodate everyone, we will be holding 2 Jummah Salats...