We are proud to announce the launch our new and improved website which will help us in our day to day activities of the musala, helping us get closer to our short term and long term goals. Without further ado, here are its top 10 features.

  1. The website uses SSL connection to ensure security of all our website visitors. You will notice the padlock icon on your website browser address bar. Secure connection websites normally begin with https, where “s” stands for secure.
  2. The website is fully responsive, which means it is adaptive to any screen size it is viewed on. Let’s face it, most of us go online using our mobile devices more than our traditional computers.
  3. The website is means for our musala to collect donations, with three options including email money transfer (EMT), credit card payments, as well as recurring pledged commitments. The DONATE button, securely accepts donations through our PayPal account.
  4. Jammah time is conveniently displayed on the top banner of the website, making it easy for our members to know when the set Jammah times are (including Jummah and Khutba times).
  5. The Prayer Times page, gives the exact Athan times for Fajr, Zohr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha for months ahead.
  6. Contact Form makes it convenient for the general public to reach us, accompanied by an interactive map.
  7. The latest announcement sections of the homepage is a convenient way of keeping up with our day to day activities. All announcements also get archived for any future records.
  8. The upcoming projects section keeps the general publuc up-to-date with our future plans and activities.
  9. The milestones section of the website gives on updates on various accomplishments of our musala – this post announcing our redesigned website is one good example.
  10. The Links page shares various externals links including religious, as well as local bruce county non-religious links, example: weather, and road conditions

    Our website is designed and hosted by Full Web Solutions, based out of Bruce County. For any comments and or feedback regarding their work, feel free to call, text or whatsapp them at +1 (226) 894 – 2479