Assalam o Alaikum,

Due to Province-Wide Emergency Brake imposed by the province, our mussallah is limited to 15% capacity (max 10 people). As a result we have made changes to Jummah times to continue to accommodate as many community members as we can. This will also effect the Taraweh prayers when Ramadan starts.


We will have 2 Jummahs and possibly more if needed.

1st Jummah : English Bayan will start : 4:00pm    Arabic Khutba will start : 4:15 pm

2nd Jummah : Arabic khutba will start : 4:30 pm (there will be no English bayan)

Every brother planning on attending Jummah MUST send an email by Thursday 8pm along with their responses to COVID form to PORTELGINMC786@GMAIL.COM to be considered for registration to one of the Jummahs. All Brothers are requested to pray their Sunnahs and Nafils at home.


As stated above, we are limited to 10 people at this time. If you are interested in praying Taraweh at the mussallah this ramadan please see the options below and email us which option fits you best at PORTELGINMC786@GMAIL.COM. Please be Honest when selecting 1 of the choices, as we are trying to get an accurate picture of everyone’s intention for attending the Taraweh. 

  1. Will attend taraweh 7 days a week for all of ramadan
  2. Will attend taraweh 5 days a week for all of ramadan
  3. Will attend taraweh occasionally
  4. Other (provide details)

We will respond to your emails to let you know if you are on the list or not.

Click here for Ramadan Calendar for Port Elgin

We will continue to monitor Province’s COVID guidelines and will update our website if anything changes.